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Dating Birth Orders offers proven insights to improve the discouraging divorce statistics using psychology-based research as to what works and what doesn’t…using common sense not complicated formulas or theories.


Beside the all-important birth order in relationships, there are several other things to consider of a potential mate. We will discuss these first, then introduce the Dating Birth Orders Guidelines.

Cultural Compatibility

First of all, let’s consider the issue of cultural compatibility. The more you agree with each other on basic philosophy, religion, political and practical matters, the fewer conflicts you are going to have. Generally speaking, the more you have in common, the less stress in their relationship. The more disparate the cultures you and your mate come from, the less compatible you’re likely to be and the more of your conflict resolution skills will be called into play.

Gender Differences

Secondly, gender differences can be problematic. In traditional marriage relationships, sex is the most obvious difference between the partners. Men and women differ from each other in a number of obvious ways. On average, men are still bigger, stronger and more aggressive than women. On average, men tend to be more dominate than women.  Men tend to focus on their careers, whereas women are more likely to focus on relationships, children and the home. Women are more emotional and empathetic than men. Men tend to focus of facts, where as women tend to focus on feelings.

Differences in Intelligent Patterns

Thirdly, there are differences in intelligence. The problem is not so much disparities in raw intelligence as it is in intelligent patterns. We have seen some very bright people married to not so bright people and get along beautifully. But when they have different patterns of intelligence, it can be a difficult story the world. For instance, people whose intelligence leads more toward words and language talk about things and focus on what people say. People who are more visual or spatial in their intellectual pattern concentrate of form and physical expressions and “body language.”

Cross Cultural Marriages

Fourthly, cross cultural marriages can be very stressful. Often they require a lot of effort, understanding, patience and commitment from both partners for them to work at all. When we say cross cultural, we don’t mean only exotic cross cultural unions like lesbian-west Indian as well as catholic-Jewish, Florida cracker-Boston bramin, African American-French Canadian, mid western German-Hispanics as well as others.  Cultural differences are felt in other areas as sex, child bearing, food,and holiday celebrations, communication and conflict resolution are areas in which each culture has it’s own views, beliefs and conviction. Cross cultural marriages have a heavy burden of essential differences to manage.

Differences in Energy Levels

Fifthly, differences in energy levels can be a major issue for couples. An energetic person has difficulty understanding why their partner isn’t up and around. The less energetic mate male has difficulty understanding why their mate isn’t up and around. The less energetic male fluctuates between exhaustion and a constant need for rest.

Disparity in Physical Stamina

And finally, a disparity in physical stamina can make mischief in a marriage, particularly in the area of sex and conflict resolution skills.

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* In case a family has more than 3 children the order repeats itself, i.e. 4th counts as first, 5th as middle, 6th as last, etc.